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Social CRM Isn't Just About Likes and Clicks

October 22, 2015

Customers are getting chatty, and it’s because they have instant access to talk about you, your brand, your products and services, and they’re doing it online in a public display.

The thing about social media is that while it’s a tool to generate brand awareness, customers are using it as a means to interact and talk with companies. For the businesses using social media to gain more attention, the process should be looked at as a whole. It isn’t just about getting likes and clicks; if brands choose to use social media as a customer service platform, they can't ignore negative comments or complaints. Customers today expect that the businesses they patronize should respond to social complaints in a timely fashion. Brands should meet those expectations.

Paying attention to what's being said provides a valuable opportunity to better understand your customers—what drives their loyalty, what services they're passionate about, what products disappoint and why. But gleaning insight from the vast volumes of social commentary demands more than the mere keyword tracking that characterizes most social media monitoring solutions.

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That’s where CRM is today, according to analyst firm Gartner (News - Alert). The integration of social media and CRM technology will give businesses an unprecedented ability to build deep relationships with their customers within a few years.

"Most companies have a master data management strategy. As an action item they should look how to embrace new data channels - the data associated with a customer's mobile presence, web presence and social media. That is a big challenge," said Jim Davies (News - Alert), chairman of Gartner's CRM summit, according to Computer Weekly.

Social CRM is about collecting or harvesting social media information from public and private social media websites. In other words, it is using social media services, strategic techniques and CRM technology to equip an entity to adequately engage their targeted audiences or customers.

What social media networking and marketing brought is a fundamental change to the traditional business models along with dynamics.

Companies like Aspect (News - Alert) Software offer a complete CRM solution that puts you where the customers are: on the many social channels that they’re using.

Its social media software allows brands to engage customers on the social level; instead of just watching the interaction happen, brands can respond to requests constructively, in real time, giving agents better tools that go far beyond the contact center.

Social media will continue to reshape the customer experience and force companies to adopt the social media etiquette or standards of engagement. There is no excluding from your budget or business efforts your social media plan for greater exposure.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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