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Lionbridge Updates GeoFluent Translation Software

January 26, 2016

Lionbridge Technologies (News - Alert) has long offer its GeoFluent translation software as a better alternative to other language translators on the market. The company website says its operates with two layers of machine translation that ensure consistency for the call centers it serves and better omni-channel customer engagement overall. Now that platform is gaining a number of new features.

GeoFluent now comes with an updgraded dashboard for improved user clarity and ease of use. It also sports better reporting so businesses can see how the translation software is operating with a real audience of customers. Extensions of the software also intend to make it easier for contact centers and business process outsourcing companies to reach their customers on all channels they offer: in voice, text, email, social media, and on self-service help desks.

Marc Osofsky, the senior vice president and general manager of global offerings at Lionbridge, commented that this is where omni-langauge meets omni-channel.

“Providing multilingual customer care traditionally required hiring agents, establishing in-country contact centers, and/or using over-the-phone interpretation services,” Osofsky said. “GeoFluent changes the game by spanning all communication channels, allowing brands and BPOs to match consumer’s communication preferences, regardless of language. Combining omni-lingual with omni-channel enables contact centers to deliver the greatest global customer experience at a fraction of the cost.”

The way in which GeoFluent works is first by using machine translation that can accurately alter text and voice from one language to another. This method alone, the company says, is not enough because it can leave gaps in customer satisfaction. To remedy that issue, a second linguistic layer of translation helps provide consistency in translation across all brand products and services. This layer helps eliminate typos and misspellings; it can also address the use of slang and allow translations to become more personal for a brand’s customers.

This recent update means first to improve customer experiences across all channels. No matter how individuals choose to connect to their favorite brands, they can expect a consistent journey from one station to the next. For business process outsourcing companies, consistency acts as their lifeblood because they can insist to their clients that brand image will remain credible and purposeful, no matter the language. In addition, the translation service that GeoFluent awards comes at a lower cost for the quality it provides, so compared to similar products that may require the use of live translators, this service can save clients money.

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