Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Article

Why WebRTC is Right First Step for Omni-Channel

March 09, 2016

How well do your landing pages convert? This is a question that tends to be top of mind for marketers that are leveraging Google (News - Alert) or Bing ads to drive business. They want those who click through their ads to take action, whether it’s to fill out a form, take advantage of a coupon or simply give them a call. It’s the potential for the start of the omni-channel customer engagement experience and it has to count.

To ensure the optimal success of the landing page, marketers will often conduct A/B testing on each element of the page, from images to buttons to form options to colors. The more techniques the marketers has at the ready, the better they can position the page to ensure it’s delivering the right information to the right people at the right time, enticing them to connect and take action or convert.

A recent Aspect (News - Alert) blog highlighted this activity and how the use of WebRTC may make sense for those companies wanting to get the most out of their landing pages. WebRTC supports collaboration, audio and video through the browser, so it’s readily available for anyone with a high speed Internet connection. Companies can use it to deliver an engaging experience to an interested prospect with the technology embedded right within the landing page. The potential for immediate responsiveness is significantly more than the typical form fill or phone call.

Given that it works on any device, WebRTC on landing pages is also the perfect element to add to the omni-channel experience. Prospects don’t have to share their phone number or any other credentials in order to engage, creating a much bigger opportunity than what a marketer may experience through a forced information capture. It creates an opportunity for immediate engagement, creating the pathway for getting the individual to a sales agent much faster.

WebRTC can be used with voice chats for pre-qualification and routing so that high value customers are connected with the right person right away. Co-browsing ensures the prospect has the assistance needed to see the products or services best suited to their question. Video offers the opportunity for a personalized, one-on-one consultation and file sharing enables the facilitation of the necessary paperwork to open a new account. All of these activities can improve the interaction for the potential customer, inviting them into the first leg of the omni-channel customer engagement process.

It’s the best of both worlds – optimizing landing pages to improve conversations and making those right connections with the prospect at the right time. In doing so, the increase in conversions also means an increase in profitable opportunities. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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