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Outdated Legacy Recording Solution? Aspect Software Here to Help

March 23, 2016

An integral aspect of today’s business landscape is change. Whether it is mergers and acquisitions, comings and goings or innovation, change is at the heart of business. To that end, with innovation in the customer experience and contact centers trying to keep up with the Jones’ can prove to be a rather large hurdle. Fear not, help is here.

Today, Aspect software announced a program geared toward those using legacy NICE and Verint (News - Alert) recording solutions, which aims to speed the transition from outdated and antiquated solutions to modern workforce optimization and recording solutions.

“Quality management and interaction recording technology have seen significant advances in functionality over the past five to ten years, materially raising the compliance bar. A contact center workforce running on outdated technology cannot keep up with today’s increasing demand for exceptional, personalized customer experiences, and as a result is put at a critical disadvantage,” says Mike Bourke, SVP and General Manager, Workforce Optimization, Aspect (News - Alert) Software.

The modern customer demands not just exceptional customer service, but exceptional customer service via an omni-channel approach. Aspect’s solution alleviates the cost and integration concerns related to upgrading; and in doing provide greater visibility into contact center operations and agent behavior.

Bourke continued, “Aspect’s sleek, intuitive user Interface for recording, quality management and speech analytics is designed to address the data consumption and work habits of the millennial workforce, so they are more productive and engaged, making quality goals easier to achieve.”

In short, Aspect EQ Recording/Quality Management provides end users with full-time call and screen recording, user friendly interface, minimal hardware requirement, improved Cisco (News - Alert) support, more powerful search and playback capability, PCI compliance as well as support from Aspect.

Your company only gets one chance at a first impression; after all, not everybody enjoys a cheeseburger with chips and Pepsi for lunch. And, when a subpar experience occurs, customers get frustrated. Ensuring quality service is paramount; don’t stick your customers on the back burner—they won’t be your customers for long like that. While keeping up with the tech Jones’ can pose a daunting task, the reward for providing a top-notch customer experience pays off in spades.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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