Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Article

Is Your Contact Center Optimized for Omni-Channel?

June 07, 2016

The aesthetic of customer service look much different than just a few short years ago. Trends like omni-channel and self-service, for example, are transforming the customer journey like nothing before. While from the outside looking in, times have changed, so too has the back-end; and each iteration of enhancement offers contact centers with the task of customer satisfaction. The proper support and tools can help to complete the mission at hand.

Workforce optimization ensures the proper pieces are in place to provide customers the level of attention they deserve, and the resolution they demand. Omni-channel is more of an undertaking than many realize, and for this reason Aspect (News - Alert) recently released its Aspect WFO 8.2.

“Since the release of WFM 8 two years ago with its stand-out icon and widget-based UI, Aspect has made remarkable progress converting our entire WFO portfolio to a sleek, graphically-rich user interface that is second to none in the marketplace,” said Mike Bourke, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Workforce Optimization at Aspect. “The 8.2 release enhances the depth and breadth of the Aspect EQ WFO suite with market-leading features that demonstrate Aspect’s commitment to being a top WFO provider.”

The improved UI promises greater agent efficiency and attitude. Enhancements to WFO 8.2 include accurate forecasting for omni-channel support, ensuring a seamless customer journey from channel to channel. And, via speech analytics integrated with quality management each interaction can be automatically categorized in an easily searchable format. In addition, the new interface introduces enhanced gamification capabilities in the Aspect EQ Performance Management 8.2. Firms can also take advantage of Aspect’s rich cloud feature set with newly added cloud enablement features allowing a firm to create a complete workforce optimization ecosystem in the cloud.

Engaging customers and agents alike, omni-channel opens the door to more positive interactions and a more prosperous firm. As the customer experience best practice continues its evolution, it is growing abundantly clear that omni-channel will be a key component.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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