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Going Beyond Voice of the Customer

July 29, 2016

The conversation in customer service circles about hearing the Voice of the Customer (VoC) is nothing new. The new component to the dialogue is how companies are finding ways to hear the voice of the customer, leveraging available technology to put the pieces together and really learn what your customers are thinking.

A recent blog post from Aspect (News - Alert) software asks the question, “What does my customer think?,”  where the omni-channel customer engagement solution provider delves into ways to answer the above mentioned question.

As the blog points out, the loudest voice in the room should be that of the customer, but how do we go from guessing to knowing? There are both direct and indirect ways to get from A to B, let’s take a look at a few.

This is going to read like a silly statement, but bear with me; customers buy products and solutions. Every time something is purchased, the customer is in a unique position to provide firm feedback. In many cases, companies are leveraging surveys to create a pipeline of structured feedback offering insight into areas needing improvement as well as successful parts of the buying process.

Now, for indirect methods. An area that no customer facing organization should fall short is voice and screen recordings. Aside from grading agent performance, this is unfiltered, off the cuff feedback from your buyer – literally, the unedited VoC. The blog also notes areas like speech and text analytics as tools to take a look into. While not perfect, yet, they offer the same type of “free form,” unfiltered feedback as voice and screen recordings.

Those in customer service have it hard enough without putting the tools available to them to work. Especially in today’s omni-channel, always-on, always-plugged-in world, one bad review can go viral before you count to three. Get it right the first time; make the effort to listen to your customer. I promise, they’ll tell you what they want.

Edited by Alicia Young
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