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Study Says Software Key to Agent Engagement

September 13, 2016

The customer is king; this we know, but in today’s omni-channel world providing exceptional service is more difficult than ever. Whether it’s a poor review on social media or negative word of mouth, the tools are available to sidestep the landmines of lazy and ineffective customer service. The pressure of delivering positive experiences falls on the shoulders of the contact center and its agents, and new research has highlighted how customer service can come through in the clutch.

Pelorus Associates and Aspect (News - Alert) Software partnered on “The Aspect Agent Experience Study” to illustrate the value of modern engagement technology.  Per respondents, the key component to the equation is providing agents with improved interfaces to improve not just the customer experience but the agent’s as well.

“In the world of social media and a workforce that requires instant information, an interactive user interface is critical for optimal performance,” said Debbie Davis-Greene, Managing Director – Operations, Trase Miller. “Associates are self-reliant and want to do it themselves. If companies don’t start investing into improved agent tools, they will have a difficult time retaining employees.”

The study noted that nearly three-quarters of contact center managers believe better software makes for better agent morale, with nearly 90 percent of contact center managers stating that agents would prefer to use software like the consumer technology they toil with outside of work.

Mobile is an area garnering greater attention in today’s always-on, always plugged-in omni-channel world, and, per the results, 70 percent of contact center executives feel agents would be far more effective if they could access contact center software from their mobile devices.

It is not just about providing agents with the best of the best in software solutions; like any successful sports team, contact center agents must have a team focus. According to more than 80 percent of contact center professionals, they believe their teams are satisfied as a result of a customer-first mindset – i.e. nurturing customer relationships that create satisfied and loyal customers.

“We know that as the first point of contact with a company, the agent is the face of the brand. The research we did with Pelorus Associates further illustrates that happy agents lead to happier customers, ultimately improving loyalty and the overall customer experience. Key to engaging with contact center agents is providing the tools they need to be more effective and empowered in their work,” said Mike Bourke, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Workforce Optimization at Aspect.

As the first point of contact, agents serve as a firm’s first impression to the customer. Agent engagement is far more critical than many realize. And, as the old saying goes, “you only get one chance to make a first impression,” so wouldn’t it be best for it to be a positive one? 

Edited by Alicia Young
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